Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fly Sex

On Friday morning I walked over to MIT from the hotel, picked up a copy of The Tech, and called Jess Kim. She had invited me to her Genetics lecture, which I normally would have avoided at all costs (Biology is not my friend). But JKim was going to be there, so I wasn't going to miss it! =) I found my way to 54-100, an old lecture hall in the Green Building, and sat next to her.

The lecture itself was really boring, probably because I had absolutely no idea what the professor was talking about. None whatsoever. At all. Not even a little bit. But JKim kept me entertained. =) One of her friends was taking a very expensive nap...

JKim probably has a short story about every person she has ever known. Here's an interesting one:

She also tried to translate the lecture into words I would understand:

When the lecture ended I hurried back to the hotel for a quick lunch before our tour of Boston. The lunch, at California Pizza Kitchen in the CambridgeSide Galleria, was a very pleasant experience until someone attempted to exit through the door labeled, EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY - ALARM WILL SOUND. Not too observant... maybe they should work for Logan Airport; I hear they hire people who can't even tell LEDs from IEDs. ;)

It was a bit strange touring Boston with a group of businesspeople (the event was organized as part of Dad's business trip), but all the same it was enjoyable. I'm not normally a fan of history, but the American Revolution is one of the few exceptions. We visited some important historical places, including the site at which the shot heard 'round the world was fired. We also walked through Harvard Yard - I did so wearing my MIT hoodie, which garnered a few strange looks - and saw the Statue of Three Lies. This was just a few days before the Halo hack. I'm not sure why the tour guide took us to Harvard but not MIT... Lame!

Meanwhile, my cell phone had decided to stage its own revolution. The screen had gone blank and I apparently missed several calls from Paul regarding our dinner arrangements for that evening. When I got back to the hotel and finally realized what had happened, I was already late. Paul, nice guy that he is, waited for me to walk back to MIT, and we set off toward PKS. One of the brothers met us there and we went to UBurger. I had never been before and was downright impressed.

After the burgers we went back to PKS and I hung out while the pledges were doing super-secret, pledge-related things. When Paul returned (at about 0100) it was my turn for some super-secret activities. =) We walked back to the campus and did some, er... exploring. Anyone want to venture a guess as to where this photo was taken?

Although my adrenaline levels were pretty high at the end of our adventure (for reasons not to be discussed here), by the time we returned to PKS I was ready for some sleep. I crashed on a spare bed for a few hours and woke up early enough to eat breakfast before heading back to the hotel to meet Dad and Melisa. We took a cab to the airport and talked about our amazing weekend over lunch, and then we parted ways. So long, Boston! See you next year! =D